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Posts Written by 'Pakprim Oranop-na-Ayuthaya'
| Posted on
8 April 2015
Villagers in Ban Xong discuss about climate change in the context of Lao PDR in the poster. (Cr. Ienkate Saenghkaew/DAI)

How do you teach rural villagers about climate change when there is no word for “climate” in their language? This is one among many interesting and eye-opening experiences we encountered as we carried out the USAID Mekong ARCC adaptation planning approach across 20 communities in the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB). Read on to learn more about how we helped increase rural villagers’ awareness about climate change, their understanding of how it will affect them and what they can do to prepare their communities for its impacts.

| Posted on
24 April 2015
Chiang Rai's Hae Ko villagers were discussing impacts from changing climate and thier adaptation plan. (Cr. Josephine Green/IUCN)

Part One of this post introduced how the USAID Mekong ARCC project is using a participatory approach to engage villagers in rural, under-resourced areas of the Lower Mekong Basin to implement climate change adaptation measures in their communities. Part One presents the communities’ experiences with climate change and how we introduced scientific projections to them from the USAID Climate Study. Part Two is about how we merged these components in order to identify adaptation options.

| Posted on
17 June 2015
Women in DoneKeo were waiting to collect water. (Photo: Pakprim Oranop-na-Ayuthaya/DAI)

This past May, on the day that the USAID Mekong ARCC project team was to begin our week of field work in the villages of Nakai in Lao PDR’s Khammouan Province, unseasonal heavy rains made the road leading to the community site too dangerous to travelers, and as a result, our trip was postponed. While disappointed, we weren’t surprised by this unusual weather event since unseasonal and variable rains are one of the effects of climate change that villagers had identified last year during a participatory decision-making process to develop a climate change adaptation plan.

A few days later, the roads were dry and we made our journey to our target local communities in Nakai District. Good thing, because if the trip had been rescheduled we might not have been able to return to the villages all. Located in a low valley across a karst limestone mountain, the main road to the village is entirely cut off during the rainy season that usually begins in June.