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Manuals for Rice-Shrimp and Pig Production Climate Adaptation Initiatives in Vietnam's Kien Giang Province
28 July 2015
Author: Asian Management and Development Institute

Currently USAID Mekong ARCC and its partners, the Asian Management and Development Institute (AMDI) and Vietnam Red Cross (VNRC), are supporting the implementation of adaptation initiatives in Vietnam's Kien Giang province. The two primary activities are rice-shrimp nurseries and pig production on bio-mattress, which will strengthen farmers’ resilience to climate change by diversifying their sources of income and encouraging climate-smart practices.

In order to help farmers in target communities continue carrying out these initiatives in the future, AMDI and VNRC developed two manuals of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) with step-by-step instructions and user-friendly designed illustrations.

The SOP for Rice-Shrimp Nursery Adaptation includes a logbook so rice-shrimp farmers can record the salinity and make daily observations of their shrimp nursery.

The SOP for Pig Production on Bio-mattress also has a logbook for pig-raising farmers to record their investments in pig production and monitor pigs’ growth.

These SOPs have been introduced to relevant organizations and stakeholders in Vietnam in order to develop further for use beyond Thuan Hoa commune. Both, as pictured below, are available for download in English and Vietnamese. Click the picture to view and save the file.

Standard Operating Procedure for Pig Production on Bio-mattress