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Protected Areas Sector Vulnerability Report
2 June 2014
Author: USAID Mekong ARCC Study Team (Protected Areas Theme)

The Protected Areas sector vulnerability report provides an outline of protected areas (PAs) and biodiversity in the Lower Mekong basin. The analysis contains an overview of threats to PAs from climate change, as well as non-climate threats such as land concessions, infrastructure development, illegal activities, and agriculture. The threats posed by climate change to PAs are then reviewed, followed by a series of case studies of climate change impacts, vulnerabilities, and adaptation options in four protected areas: 1) Nong Bong Kai Non Hunting Area – Thailand; 2) Nakai Nam Theun - Lao PDR; 3) Phnom Prich Wildlife Sanctuary - Cambodia; and 4) U Minh Thuong National Park – Vietnam.

Protected areas (PAs) are the areas of last resort for national and international biodiversity conservation in the LMB. With over 60 million people living in the region (Sunderland et al. 2012), and persistent poverty within communities living in and around natural areas (ICEM 2003; Sunderlin 2006), PAs are exposed to escalating threats. Unsustainable and illegal logging, wildlife trading, rapid industrialization and concessions, shifting cultivation, infrastructure development, and unsustainable tourism all exert negative pressures and impacts on PA systems.

About Sector Analysis Report

Sector analysis reports were prepared to describe anticipated climate change impacts on key livelihood sectors of the LMB, including agriculture, capture fisheries and aquaculture, livestock, and non-timber forest products, as well as on protected areas and socio-economics. These reports served as important references and contributed substantively to the analysis and results of the Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study for the Lower Mekong Basin released in 2014.

Protected Areas Report (PDF, 6.77 MB)

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