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USAID Mekong ARCC GIS Data Available for Download on ADB Web Platform
8 September 2014
Author: USAID Mekong ARCC

In coordination with the Greater Mekong Subregion Environment Operations Center (GMS EOC) of the Asian Development Bank (ADB), a large collection of Geographic Information System (GIS) data generated through USAID Mekong ARCC Climate Study is now available for download at

About 63 layers of raw map files used for the development of GIS maps showing projected impacts of climate change (primarily temperature and precipitation) by 2050 and vulnerabilities of crops in the Lower Mekong Basin can be downloaded from the GIS Data Section of the STATS & MAPS page on the GMS EOC Website. The file size is approximately 136 MB.

The USAID Mekong ARCC Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study for the Lower Mekong Basin (LMB) serves as a tool in linking science knowledge and on-the-ground adaptation action that increases the adaptive capacity of local communities. The complete set of reports comprises of Main Report, Summary and six theme reports on agriculture, capture fisheries and aquaculture, livestock, non-timber forest products and crop wild relatives, protected areas, and socio-economics. The full body of work generated by the analysis can be regarded as the most comprehensive analysis and assessment of scientific knowledge on climate change impacts in the LMB undertaken to date.


Source: GMS Environment Operations Center of ADB -