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Workshop Resources at the Harnessing Climate Finance Workshop
25 July 2016
Author: USAID Mekong ARCC

The USAID Mekong Adaptation and Resilience to Climate Change (USAID Mekong ARCC) project marked the near completion of its five years of work by conducting a final workshop titled, Harnessing Climate Finance: Challenges and Opportunities for Rural Adaptation in the Lower Mekong Basin, from July 6-7, 2016 in Bangkok. The workshop was conducted in coordination with Thailand’s Office of Natural Resources and Environmental Policy and Planning, and focused on linking rural adaptation initiatives tested at the project’s community sites in Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam to climate financing.

More than 80 participants from a range of line ministries, local and international development partner organizations and practitioners across the Lower Mekong Basin countries, including Cambodia, Lao PDR, Thailand, and Vietnam, explored the potential for replication and scalability of the field-tested rural adaptation initiatives in the context of different climate change financing options.

We are pleased to share workshop notes [PDF, 306 KB], presentation files below, and results of the workshop survey [PDF, 232 KB] collected from the participants after the event. 

Also, check out a collection of photos on Flickr. For any inquiries, please contact for support.

List of presentation files:

  • Country Breakout Session I: Policy Enabling Conditions
    • Cambodia [PDF, 2.3 MB] by Dr. Tin Ponlok, Secretary General, National Council for Green Growth, Cambodia
    • Lao PDR [PDF, 414 KB] by Mr. Sivannakone Malivarn, Director, Department of Disaster Management and Climate Change, Lao PDR
    • Thailand [PDF,  MB] by Dr. Kollawat Sakhakara, Acting Director, Policy and Strategy Sub-Division, CCMC Division, ONEP, Thailand
    • Vietnam [PDF,   MB] by Mr. Ngan Ngoc Vy, Deputy Director of Climate Change, ISPONRE, Vietnam
  • Analysis on Financing Feasibility for Rural Adaptation [PDF, 1.4 MB]  by Del McCluskey, DAI Global Practice Lead, Environment, Climate Change & Urban Services and Ornsaran Manuamorn, Climate Financing Specialist, USAID Mekong ARCC
  • Country Breakout Session II & III: Scoping Exercise & Project Development
  • Closing Remarks  by Alfred Nakatsuma, Director, Regional Environment Office, USAID/RDMA